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  In-Hand-Work for young dressage horses – Fritz Stahlecker: Part 2 – Advanced Training   Product Information
In the first years of their life horses have the capacity to perform and learn. With his exceptional hand-saddle-hand-method Fritz Stahlecker, who has trained dressage horses up to Grand Prix level, shows how even only two year old horses can learn all exercises up to advanced dressage level. His training methods are stress-free and gentle enabling the rider to work with a more or less completely trained horse by the time they are backed at the age of four. More Info
Item code dvddress000024
Price £24.99
  John Francome,s Legends of Horseracing   Product Information
More Info
ISBN 5023093060251
Price £9.99
  Laura Bechtolsheimer Training Series: And Dr B Train Their Future Stars   Product Information
The Bechtolsheimers start their youngsters on the ground and under saddle. Dr B provides a masterly demonstration of long-reining and interprets Laura’s lesson with German trainer Klaus Balkenhol. Approx. 64 mins. More Info
Item code dvddress000011
Price £24.99
  Laura Bechtolsheimer Training Series: And Her Grand Prix Horses   Product Information
A privileged insight into Laura’s training at home with two Grand Prix horses, Mistral Hojris and Andretti H. Laura develops her new kur and the finished item is excellent viewing. Approx. 60 mins. More Info
Item code dvddress000010
Price £24.99
  Laura Bechtolsheimer Training Series: Progresses Her Youngster Part 1   Product Information
Laura and her trainer Dr B develop their talented youngsters in a sympathetic and purposeful way. Part 1 covers progressing from ‘baby’ work with 5 year olds Step and Teddy through lateral work and focussing on balance. Approx. 60 mins. More Info
Item code dvddress000012
Price £24.99
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