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Stretch Exercises For Your Horse by Karin Blignault

Stretch Exercises For Your Horse by Karin Blignault

Model Number: 9781908809162

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The controlled stretching of muscles has been an integral part of the training of human athletes for many years. Scientific studies, and results in the field, have proved beyond doubt the value of stretch exercise in improving performance and guarding against injury.  Active stretching prior to exercise will help tone the muscles and ensure a good range of movement.  After exercise, it will help to return the muscles to the state they were in beforehand, a process that can be assisted and supplemented by passive exercises.

Following extensive research into the subject, occupational therapist and equestrian trainer Karin Blignault has written this innovative and thought-provoking book, showing how the principles long applied to human athletes can be used for the considerable benefit of horses and the enhancement of their performance across the whole range of equestrian sport.

In this book, Karin explains;

The importance of stretch exercises in preventing injury, alleviating pain and improving performance

The need to develop suppleness in tandem with strength

The important role of classical ridden movements as active stretch exercises

The basic anatomy and physiology of muscles and their associated tissues

How muscles work together in groups, and which exercises benefit which muscles

The fundamental principles of how to perform active stretch exercises as a rider from the saddle, and passive stretch exercises from the ground

The individual exercises are explained in detail, with clear, specific instructions designed to ensure that they are carried out in the most beneficial manner, with no risk of injury to horse or therapist.

Stretch Exercises for Your Horse will be of great interest to all owners and trainers of sport horses and, indeed, to all those who wish to contribute to the constructive development of the horses they ride.