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The Silverstone case is made of high strength plastic and has a meshed aluminum front panel. It comes in two colors – black and white.
The case has 5 drive bays – two 5.25” external ones, four 3.5” internal ones, and one 2.5” internal one.
It supports motherboards of micro ATX and mini ITX variety.
The cooling system is comprised of one 120 mm intake fan and one 80 mm fan slot in the front, and one 80mm fan slot plus one 92mm fan slot at the back. It also has oversized vents.
There are four expansion slots.
It also has two USB 3.0 ports, one audio port and one mic port in the front.
It supports standard PS2 ATX power supply.
An expansion card of 358 mm and 144 mm is compatible.
CPU cooler height maximum allowance is 140 mm.
Unlimited PSU allowance and mandatory cable routing system.
The case dimensions are – 168mm x 355mm x 400mm and it weighs 3.46 kg.
It also supports Kensington locks.


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