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You want to have a trip how you want to enjoy a trip enjoy the fresh air of the beautiful world outside, the beautiful world full of color out there, why don't you try to go enjoy a times.
Located on Kim ma street, Ba Dinh district, Ha Noi city, often called the Zoo of ha Noi, this location is quite suitable for family travel, a day or for little kids to go visit the animals in the garden. Le is building on 19/5/1975 but not until after two new year be open for people to visit; le is the combination of green park, zoo and amusement park. This place fit the needs of many travelers who have visa to Vietnam, travelers would prefer the quiet can also come here to enjoy the fresh air of the gardens and lawns surrounded by lush; or tourists who love animals can also come here to visit many kinds of rare animals have ever been listed in the red book. About best time to visit this place is during the summer, the kinds of animals enjoy regularly going out to sunbathe, or you will feel the sun and beautiful diving in this place.
Park uniformly carries a meaning quite special is the “unified country” , or Lenin park as a goodwill of Vietnam to celebrate the times's 110th birthday of Lenin. More than 50 years, the park is considered the lungs of the city, has to serve and meet don't know how demand for recreation and relaxation of residents of the city for many years. Although the park is relatively small, but has a vegetation incredibly diverse as it lush, more airy space, very suitable for the love, like a quiet space as well as liked the exercises nursing students to this workout every day, or simply just with friends hat who love to relax, chat after a day of learning and work fatigue.

Temple of literature was built in 1070 under king Ly thanh Tong, was built to commemorate Confucius, honoring the doctorate and fish the scholars most of Vietnam. In the year 1076, King Ly thanh tong built Quoc Tu Giam became the first university of Vietnam. Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam is divided into five rental six cottages, each cottages has meaning independent of it. When you enter, you will come to the main gate The next is Of Literature, if you look closely you will notice the icon of Ha Noi at each booth. Next you will see a lot of beer memorial dr. is placed on the back of the turtle. This place has looked 82 doctoral steles, corresponding with the origins of 1307 dr., the flooding with 82 exams and courses from 1442 to 1779. Today, although no longer teaching as before but place this pointer into a place for the element before each exam important to ask yourself a little bit of luck, exams are bar, reach high, and all the advantages smoothly.

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