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  liverpool hore show 30th dec --31st dec





Signed Books Available now:

    Jilly cooper mount {signed first edition} only 17 copies available

  • Henrietta Knight - Not Enough Time
  • VALEGRO [signed copies limited ammount available]
  • Amanda Owen - 'The Yorkshire Shepherdess'
  • NEW - Amanda Owen - A Year In The Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess
  • Clare Balding - 'Walking Home,'  
  • Carl Hester - 'Making it Happen', 
  • Mary King - 'My Way'
  • Felix Francis - Damage
  • Andrew Nicholson - Focused
  • Jenny Lees - Seven Bands of Gold -First Love
  • Jenny Lees -Sensual Love
  • All Stacy Greggs Books
  • Pippa Funnels Books
  • Olivia Tuffin Palomino Pony Series buy 3 or more books receive a free drawstring grooming bag.
  • Dawn Wescott
  • PLUS MANY MORE SIGNED TITLES IN STOCK - Please email for a full list


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  Schooling A Horse with Rudolf Zeilinger: Part 5 - Achieving Collection, Piaffe and Passage   Product Information
Part 5 – Achieving Collection, Piaffe and Passage: Rudolf shows his sensitive training methods and provides interesting hints and examples. Approx 50 mins More Info
Item code RudolfZeilinger5
Price £24.99
  Sensitive Schooling with Sylvia Loch Vol 1   Product Information
The Gaits, Bend and Transitions This DVD is a complete training package aimed at all riders of all disciplines and contains hours of interactive footage. Follow each stage of the work, compare different situations, engage your mind; then visualize what you have seen when you ride. Approx 2 hours More Info
Item code SylviaLochVol1
Price £24.99
  Sensitive Schooling with Sylvia Loch Vol 2 & 3   Product Information
In volumes II and III, Collection Explored and Collection Confirmed, Sylvia Loch shows the older horse working through a wealth of dressage movements and how to achieve them.  Filmed over 3 years, we move from simple changes and lateral work to flying changes, piaffe, passage and even Spanish Walk.  Intensive explanation is given to the aids, feel and how to combat the inevitable problems that we will meet on the way.  Approx 3 hours More Info
Item code SylviaLochVol23
Price £35.99
  Successful Dressage with Jennie Loriston-Clarke: Vols 1 & 2 – Early Handling & Making the Most of the Young Horse   Product Information
The new foal, handling and what to expect of a yearling and 2 year old. Starting to lunge. Breaking in the 3 year old, long reining, backing and riding. Approx 2 hours More Info
Item code dvddress000053
Price £29.99
  Successful Dressage with Jennie Loriston-Clarke: Vols 3 & 4 – Aids, Paces and Transitions & Towards Collection   Product Information
Correct seat of the rider, application of the aids, teaching the horse the aids. Rein back, half pass, renvers, travers, flying changes, early pirouette and piaffe. Approx 2 hours More Info
Item code dvddress000054
Price £29.99
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